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American Psychological Association (APA)
12 Keys To Good Management Take the next step in management by polishing specific techniques that will advance your work environment to the next level.

A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Roles and Responsibilities This program describes the roles and responsibilities of the companion homemaker and teaches important professional, communication and social skills for success on the job.
Topics include the importance of people skills, ethics, integrity and professional behavior, ageism: what it is and how to avoid it, appearance and hygiene, cultural sensitiv ...

A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Safety and Housekeeping This program teaches companion homemakers essential skills needed to provide safe care and good housekeeping services.  Topics include safety in the home, companion safety, infection control, housecleaning routines and order of work, cleaning products, cleaning specific rooms, laundry--sorting, using the washing machine and dryer, reading clot ...